Bbox Juke Box

The first professional bbox app in the whole store! With sound effects from famous bboxer!

Bbox Juke Box is a simple but very playable music app.It doesn't matter you're a bboxer or just a music fan,you can enjoy bbox in the most simple way by "BJB".



All 10 basic beats included:kick,snare,hihat,rimshot......

Hold "Weak" key to perform weak beats.

Using "Shift" key to change the beat buttons quickly.

A DJ disk on the right,use your finger to scratch it!

3 basic rhythms for you to play fast.

Record your key pressing with professional bbox notes.

Keeps upgrading for free!

iPad supporting will be added in the next version,purchase once then play it on both your iPhone & iPad!

How to play:

"BJB" needs two fingers to control: your left thumb can hold down "shift" key to switch the keys,hold down "weak" to make weaker beats,or clicking the 3 rhythm keys.Your right thumb may scratch the disk.


The app for Pro-bboxer: "Bbox Artist's Kit" is coming soon!

"Bbox Artist's Kit" can edit and play bbox notes on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad!

But first, please enjoy Bbox Juke Box!

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